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Site builder (part 1) - Add a banner

Learn how you create a banner for the front page.

1. Log in to your Storeshop control panel.

2. In the menu bar, go to Settings --> Site builder.

3. Right click on "Forside" and click "New..."


4. Search for "banner" inn the search field, and click "Banner". 

5. Give the banner a name 

  • Insert <Display Name>. Choose a descriptive name so you can recognize what banner it is in the future.


6. Add your image 

  • Click the upload icon to upload your desired banner image. Check the box for "Padding" if you want to add a white frame around the banner. 


7. Add details 

  • Add the "Link (url)" for where you want to send the user when they click the banner. 
    (You could for example send them to your product page). 
  • Height desktop: Type the height you want for your image in pixels. Recommended is 600-700 px. 
  • Height mobile: Type the height you want for the image in pixels. Recommended is 300-350 px.

Skjermbilde 2022-08-11 kl. 12.55.36

8. Buttons

  • Justify buttons: Choose the placement of your button, between Left - Right - Center.
  • Tittel: Title for button. For example "See products" or "Shop here". 
  • Link (url): Link to take the user to your desired location, for example the product page. 

Skjermbilde 2022-08-11 kl. 12.58.53

9. Second banner

  • Click "Add Second banner" to add a new banner and fill inn the same fields as the first banner. 
  • You can add up to 4 banners. These will be placed next to each other. 

Skjermbilde 2022-08-11 kl. 13.03.33

10. Publish

  • Remember to click "Publish" to save and publish the changes to your website. 

See PART 2 for how to add the banner components to your front page!