How to add an order confirmation recipient

This article shows how to add an order confirmation recipient.

To access the control panel, enter the name of your demo page or webshop page, and add /storeshop at the end. Example:

To add an order confirmation recipient, go to "Settings" --> "Site builder".

Inside the site builder, double-click on this globe:

Skjermbilde 2021-05-11 kl. 11.04.07

From there you click the pencil icon: 

Scroll down until you find the field in the image below:Skjermbilde 2022-09-26 kl. 15.47.46

This is where you can add what email you want to receive the order confirmation from Storeshop.

You can also check the box "Send ordrebekreftelse til kunde" if you want the order confirmation to be sent to the customer as well.

Remember to press "apply" and then "publish" in the top right corner to save your changes.