Change your front page to product page

If you don't need a front page, you can change it to where the customers are sent directly to the product page.

1. Go to Settings -> Site builder

2. Right click on the earth icon next to your page name, and click "New...". Search for "page" and click it.

3. On the top of the page you must give the page a name. For example "temporary page". After this, press "publish". 

4. Go back to the first page in Site Builder, and click the arrow next to "Forside". This will reveal the all the subpages. 

5. Mark every subpage and click "Move..." and select "Temporary page". 

6. Next you double click on "Forside". On the top of the page, you can edit the URL. Change this to "sider2". Then PUBLISH.

Skjermbilde 2022-11-02 kl. 13.39.19-1

7. Still on the front page, scroll down to "Innhold" and click it. Search for "meny for kategorier" and add it. Publish.

8. Go back to the first Site Builder page. In the top left corner, search for "meny". Double click it. Under Home page, remove "Forside" and add "Temporary page". 


Skjermbilde 2022-11-02 kl. 13.58.47

9. Go back to your temporary page, and change the name on the top of the page to "Forside". Press publish and you are done.