How does Storeshops integration work?

This article shows how Storeshops integration works against accounting systems.

Storeshop integrates with Visma eAccounting, Tripletex, Fiken, 24SevenOffice, Power Office Go, Visma Net, Visma Global, Uni Micro with more. Click HERE to see how to connect your accounting system to Storeshop.

Storeshop imports customers and products from your accounting system. Products are imported with price, article number, product name. Customers are imported with customer number, customer name, address etc.

Automatic export of orders to your accounting system. Completed with customer name, email, mobile phone, organization number, customer number, delivery address, article number, product name, price, VAT and order lines.


This means that your accounting system and your webshop can be synchronized at all times, including inventory status, order transfers and always updated prices.