Image sizes

This article shows the recommended image size for categories, products, logo and the front page banners.

Using the recommended sizes and dimensions will give your website a neat and nice appearance. If you deviate from the recommended sizes, it is still most important that all images are of the same size to give a comprehensive look.

Category images

470 x 350px

Product images

1500 x 1500px


No requirements for dimensions.
Preferably SVG file, but no requirement for this.

Front page images

Image height has no requirements.
Recommended width: 1920 pixels or more.
Images smaller than 1500px in width may appear blurry.

austin-distel-rxpThOwuVgE-unsplashFor banners with several images, it is important that the images have the same dimensions.
They will be large enough if you divide the width by the number of images.
For example:
2 photos: 1920/2
4 photos: 1920/4.

Important note:
When editing the banners in Site Builder, it is best to leave the "height" box blank. Adding a number here will crop your images. This is normally only used to adjust the height if you have a plain background that for instance is placed behind text.