How to connect Storeshop and Klarna

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Create Klarna account

1. Click on this link to create a Klarna account: https://www.klarna.com/no/bedrift/

2. Go to "Kom i gang" to registert an account.

3. When you get to "What platform are you on?", select "Own built integration". Then you choose "Klarna checkout". It is important that you choose "checkout" and not "payment".

Get your Klarna API credentials

1. Login to your Klarna account --> Go to settings --> "Klarna API Credentials". 

2. Click "Generate new Klarna API credentials".

3. IMPORTANT: Copy the username and password from your Klarna API credentials. You can only see the username and password once, so it´s important to copy the credentials as it is needed later in Storeshop.

Connect Klarna and Storeshop

1. Login to the Storeshop control panel --> Go to settings --> Click General

2. Scroll down to "B2C Options". Check off "Activate B2C webshop" then "Checkout with Klarna".

3. Now you will be able to connect to Klarna. Scroll down to "Klarna API credentials" and fill in your username and password from Klarna. After you have filled out username and password click save.

All done!