Shipping for B2C customers using Klarna

This article shows how to edit shipping methods for B2C customers that are using Klarna.

Connection with Klarna

This article shows how to edit shipping methods for B2C customers using Klarna. Before you can do this, you have to connect Klarna to your Shoreshop site. 
See the link below for instructions on how to connect to Klarna:
After Klarna is connected you can continue with the steps below: 
To access the B2C shipping options, go to "Settings" --> "General". The box for B2C webshop will have to be activated to see the shipping options. 
*The steps in this article is only relevant if you are using Klarna for B2C Checkout. 

Free shipping over a given amount

This is where you can add "free shipping over" a price of your choice, as well as an announcement message. This could be "free shipping for orders above 750,-":
Skjermbilde 2022-10-04 kl. 10.07.41
The B2C customer will get the option to choose free shipping if the total amount of the shopping cart is more than your chosen price. If not, the customer will see how much the shipping costs and how much is needed for free shipping.

Several shipping methods

To add several shipping methods, scroll down to "Login with Klarna". After you are connected, you will then be able to click "Add new method": 
Skjermbilde 2022-10-04 kl. 10.04.27
If you add a new shipping method it will look like this:


If you have any issues regarding Klarna, please contact Klarna customer support. 

If you are having issues regarding your Storeshop site, please contact