How to connect Tripletex with Storeshop


Activate API-access

To connect Storeshop and Tripletex, you need to activate API-accsess (API-tilgang) in your profile. NOTE: You need to be logged in as an administrator in Tripletex. 

1. Click on the profile icon in the right corner of your Tripletex.

2. Click "My profile/Min profil" to adjust your API-Settings.


3. Once in user settings, click "More" in the menu bar and select "API access/API-tilgang"

Create a Tripletex key

To be able to connect Tripletex and Storeshop, you need to create a key. This key will be used to connect Tripletex and Storeshop.

1. When you are in API access, click "New key/Ny nøkkel"

Ny nøkkel

2. To create a Tripletex-key for Storeshop, click "Custom setup/Tilpasset oppsett".

3. Select "All accesses/Alle tilganger"

4. Under Application name/Applikasjonsnavn write Storeshop. Write Storeshop for the key name.

Copy Employee-Token

When the key is created, copy the "Employee token - ID". Send the Employee token - ID to


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