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Site builder (part 2) - Edit the front page

In "Site builder (part 1) - How to add a banner" you learned how to create a banner component for the front page. In this article you will learn how to edit the front page and choose the location of your banner components.

1. In site builder, double click on "Forside".


2. Scroll down until you see "Innhold".

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3. Click the search field to search for components for your front page.

  • This is where you find the banner components you created earlier. Search for and click the component you want to add to the front page. 


4. When you have added the components it should look like this: 

  • To edit a component click the pencil icon. 


5. Remember to click "Publish" to save and publish the changes to your site. 


See PART 3 for how to create a new page!